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This place in Bar and the surroundings is better known as cape Ratac. It is situated several kilometers away from Bar on the highway Bar – Sutomore. Today this place is known as a sanctuary (there is a benediction convent dated from IX century, the convent of mother of God of Ratac) but because of the beautiful verdure, Ratac is considered to be a favorite tourist site for camping or some other type of recreation.

Recently Ratac has become more and more interesting to nudists, because of the nude beach which is located on the south side of the cape, but also because of the unusually bluish color of the sea in that area of the Bar shore. Numerous tourists visit Ratac, because of the very clean seawater, as well as because of the ecologically natural environment. According to the words of many visitors, especially campers, Ratac is a God given place, because already for several years on a part of the beach there is a real nature park. If you do not wish to sunbathe and swim on the nude beach, 300 meters away from the cape Ratac there is the most beautiful Bar beach, which because of the unusual color of the sand is called Crvena plaza(The Red beach). Even though the beach is not too big, from year to year, it becomes more and more favorite at people from Bar and their guests. One of the reasons of the arrival of the increasing number of foreign and domestic tourists on the Red beach is an extremely clear and transparent seawater and thick verdure, which surrounds it.

On the other hand, Ratac has a significantly great religious meaning. In the area around the ruined convent of mother of God of Ratac, you can almost every day see a lighted candle. Religious people come to that space, with wishes and requests to the mother of God for recuperation, success, or forgiveness of the committed sins. It is often that religious people write their wishes on a piece of paper and leave them in the cracks of the monastery stonewalls.