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Beaches of Adriatic

The coast of Bar spreads from the cape Stolac, bay Pecin, cape and cove Canj, which is placed between cliffs Velja ponta and cape Sapavica. In the center of Bar, there doesn’t exist a real beach, considering the fact that the larger part of the sea shore is turned into harbor pier, so on the largest part of the shore in Bar there are docks for access of freighters and passengers ships.

The largest part of the shore of the Bar area is steep and stony, with inlets, gulfs, sheer cliffs and standee shore brink. As there is a small number of islands and ridges, the shore of Bar is quite exposed to the waves.

The shore of the rear part of Bar is pretty jagged, with lots of characteristic strands, made by bringing material from the rivers or by the effect of the waves. The length of Bar shore that can be used for swimming is 4.964 meters.