Historic Stari Bar and 2000­years old olive treeA walking trail through ancient olive grove

1. from the campsite to the old town of Stari Bar – a single direction: 3.1 km (up to 1,5 hour active walking, difference in elevation 150 m)
2. back to Bartula – My Olive Garden campsite with the visit of Old Olive Tree – a single direction:
4 km (about 1 hour walking). Map: http://goo.gl/maps/397TZ
What to take?
Solid shoes required for the stony terrain
1 litre of drinking water at least per person ...Let's go! :)

Remains of the old town of Stari Bar (‘Old Bar’) which was once a famous political, economic and cultural centre, are among the main reasons to visit this region. This place was inhabited as early as 2500 years ago. The town surrounded by the city walls was unfortunately nearly destroyed during two different events. First, the town was seriously damaged in 1878 in the struggle for independence of Montenegro. The destruction was completed in 1979 when a strong earthquake caused further devastation and abandonment of the site and damaged also the large adjacent area of Adriatic coast. Even though, a substantial part of this historic jewel was retrieved and reconstructed.

Walking through the old town, one can literally feel its former majesty and wealth. Stari Bar also offers stunning views: from one side there is a view on a massif of Rumija mountain range, from the other there is a view on the Adriatic coast/Sea. In between, on the slopes of the mountain range, one can see vast olive groves which still represent an important means of living for many locals.


This forrest is not just ordinary one

It's just this olive paradise we'll walk through from our campsite to the old town of Stari Bar. The trail starts right under the campsite, then leads across the bridge over the brook and through the olive groves for about an hour and half of walking and then it ends right in the historical centre of Stari Bar. There might be small gates on the route in the grove. It is just for livestock to not to hang around everywhere in the grove. You can open but don’t forget to close it back.
We can take the same route back or we can choose a different route which leads us along the 2000­years old olive tree (a fee is required) which suggests the significance of economy based on the olives growing in this region already in the antiquity.

Enjoy" :)

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Here we go!