Bartula My Olive Garden camp is located in the town of Stari Bar (=Old Bar), its part called Bartula. More specifically, located in orchard full of several-centuries-old olive trees at the foot of the mountain Rumija. On the entrance of canyon of Vruca Rijeka river, known for adrenaline canyoning. Only few kilometers from the coast of Adriatic sea. The coast is mediterranean, all about olives, wine and seafood and keeps its ancient connection to the sea. The place is located 5 kilometers as the crow flies (6.5 km by road - map: https://goo.gl/maps/YoWyu84uvbP2) from the sea beach in the Bar’s riviera. And about 1.5 kilometers as the crow flies (2.7 km by road - map: https://goo.gl/maps/c7AoSqyfde92) in the historic center of Stari Bar.
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The town of Stari BarThe Remains of the Glory of Past Times

Once a fortified medieval town and important religious, cultural and political center, the old town was seriously damaged in Montenegro’s war for independence in 1878 and further destroyed and abandoned after a major earthquake in 1979. What remains within the walls are now thousand years of history in an open air museum that is surrounded by endless citrus and olive groves.
Historical center of Stari Bar 2.7 km from Bartula My Olive Garden camp. 


The old olive treeand its family

Some of the oldest trees in Europe to be found, aged 2000 years, which (still) provide wealth to the people of Bar.
The old olive tree (Stara Maslina) 2.4 km from Bartula My Olive Garden camp.


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Rumija mountainHigh wall divides the sea and the lake

One reason for the city to be founded here was the protection and fresh water springs the Rumija range provides. Rising 1600m high it divides Lake Skadar from the Adriatic Sea. In its steep slopes creeks carved gorges where dozens of flowers, including orchids, bloom here in spring and from the top the reflection of the Albanian Alps can be viewed in the calm surface of the lake.
Rumija mountain hiking trails accesible directly from Bartula My Olive Garden camp.